Get your gym the app it deserves!

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Your gym, your exercises

Offer users workout plans with your specific exercises or let them create their own to motivate them to return and stay

Reward good customers

Sportsguide enables you to define custom rewards for meeting special challenges. Motivate users to excel!

Maximize their gains

Sportsguide computes the best time to work out again for maximum improvement. Enable your customers to exceed their limits

Create your own tutorials

Help users to practice correctly by creating useful tutorials and/or introduction videos

Choose the perfect plan



  • Android .apk file including
  • Your logo/style
  • Your exercises and tutorials
  • One custom reward



Per month

  • Basic plan
  • 1 update every 2 weeks
  • 4h support per month



Per month

  • Premium plan
  • +6h/month for custom feature implementation
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